Before & After · Guest bedroom

Guest Bedroom Reveal


We’re finally done with ourΒ guest bedroom! Well, it’s been done for a few days now, but we’ve had family over so I haven’t really been able to take any pictures of it until now. It’s such a relief to finally have completed it. I spend a lot of time in there so to have it bright, fresh and airy feels fantastic. Just painting the room made such a massive difference. Continue reading “Guest Bedroom Reveal”

Guest bedroom

Updates On The Guest Room


Yes, it’s been a month, and we are still trying to finish the guest room. Inspiration has been at zero these last few weeks, and I’m not really sure just why. I can’t blame the summer ending and having some kind of autumnal blues, because autumn happens to be my favourite time of the year. Continue reading “Updates On The Guest Room”

Guest bedroom

Starting In The Guest Bedroom


Current state of our guest bedroom: appalling. My eyes hurt from just being in there right now. We’re having guests over in a few weeks, and there wasn’t really an option leaving the guest bedroom in its current state… The wallpaper has started to peel where I accidentally (and in the name of beautiful hair) spilled coconut oil on it, and it’s just generally quite dingy-looking. And the walls are magnolia, that alone is reason enough for me.

Continue reading “Starting In The Guest Bedroom”