Guest bedroom

Starting In The Guest Bedroom


Current state of our guest bedroom: appalling. My eyes hurt from just being in there right now. We’re having guests over in a few weeks, and there wasn’t really an option leaving the guest bedroom in its current state… The wallpaper has started to peel where I accidentally (and in the name of beautiful hair) spilled coconut oil on it, and it’s just generally quite dingy-looking. And the walls are magnolia, that alone is reason enough for me.

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Living room

Changing Things Up


I’ve been thinking about the furniture configuration in our front room for some time now, how nothing was really working together and how it never really felt cosy. Our front room is quite a strange shape. One part of the room is considerably narrower than the other, with the fire place in the middle of the far wall, which makes it a really difficult room to furnish, especially when you don’t own any furniture that would actually suit the room.

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Life Updates

Climbing Snowdon

snowy1 copy

Last Thursday night, we decided to climb Snowdon, Wales’ highest mountain! It was my first time up, and Andy’s second. We have been surprisingly spontaneous with our fitness lately, going for long walks and hikes late at night, and even early in the mornings on the weekends. We did plan on climbing Snowdon this fall, but we didn’t expect it to happen as early as mid August!

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